Technical Information

The employment of modern technologies, best materials and the accurate controls of details up to the end of producing, are our measure guarantee for the quality, reliability and security which ROYAN, offers the users of its products.

The various trade-marks and the approvals given by national and international body of approval are a guarantee of the quality ROYAN.

Available in the capacity from 12A to 63A

Made with materials with big resistance, dimensional stability and tracking.
Double-break contacts in silver alloy.
Simple mechanism with easy and economic installation and wiring
Many accessories and maneuvering devices available
Many series schemes available
Degree of protection IP according to the regulations IEC 529.
In conformity with the main national and international regulations.

ROYAN cam switches are made in conformity with the regulations IEC947-1, IEC947-3 CATEGORIES OF EMPLOYMENT

Choosing the kind of on-off switch depends not only on its scheme function but also on the kind of use it is provided for. The knowledge of these components and of the exercise values - voltage current or power - of the units to control, causes the choice of the more suitable and economic on-off switch. An useful and immediate comparison is the choice of the categories of employment according to what expressed by the regulations IEC947-1 IEC947-3.

The most common categories of employment in alternating current, shown follows:

AC-1: Connection and disconnection of non-inductive or weakly inductive,
AC-21: Resistance furnaces,
AC-3: Starting and stop through interruption of cage motor feed.

Summary table of changeover switches characteristics - category of employment


* Used to separate the whole electric equipment of the machine from the feed sources in case of machine maintenance, repair, cleaning or of a long service interruption.
* It must be able to interrupt the current rating provided for the category of employment AC 1.
* The control knob must not be red. Black or grey are recommended.
* For general emergency on-off switch the control knob must be red with a yellow ground and it must be possible to block it in the position open, for example through a padlock.- Version ROYAN 3L.