Research & Development

The R&D General Planning Div., concurrently part of both R&D Units, specially handles tasks common to the Company's R&D activities, mainly in the areas of research planning, management and assistance.

Research Planning

To enhance R&D activities of individual Laboratories, we investigate and analyze information external to the Royan Electric Company that relates to advanced technologies, market and competition trends, etc. We comply and classify information on core technologies and other resources internal to the Royan Electric Co., so as to promote optimal utilization of our technologies. We also explore and develop new research themes. We encourage collaboration between Laboratories and external research institutions, as well as Laboratories' participation in government-funded projects, so as to promote R&D activities that optimally utilize external resources.

Research Management

We manage overall pursuit of the R&D Group's research activities by supervising projected and actual budgets, personnel arrangements and research achievements; reporting R&D Group activities to management; and communicating management policies to the Laboratories.

We also promote activities of individual research project teams through progress analysis, advice in research planning, formation of organizational units appropriate to different development stages, and allotment of human resources. We control budget implementation relating to projects using external funds, including national government-led projects. We conduct human resource development for the entire R&D Group, formulate regulations concerning compliance, information management, etc. and provide relevant education to researchers.

Research Assistance

To assist the Laboratories in their research activities, we maintain a staff of research assistants, manage them, supervise their duties and assignments, maintain and control research facilities, equipment, materials, etc.