About Us

SANAT NOVIN ROYAN company has been established (in IRAN) and started activity in the year of 1997 with the best up to date technology and has main target to produce every kind of cam operated changeover switch, domestic switches and industrial switches, every kind of surface, push buttons, socket built in, the 4 and 5 socket-outlets, terminal blocks, and other electric parts.

Management and qualified persons of this company from beginning of their activity hare been tried to use up to date sciences in the executive affairs of manufacturers for get best qualities of production and this manner always was main target and settle in the instruction of their works also the SANAT NOVIN ROYAN company in the year of 2000 with Co-operation of all colleagues successes to get Iso 9002 certificate from IMQ ltalian company.

The SANAT NOVIN ROYAN company has pleasure to produce the electronic industries that can provide most needed of local industries. Therefore, we established full equipment laboratory witch could be able to test several of materials of production regarding to EC 947-1 EC 947-3 IECE 635, IEC 462, also ISIRI 4855-1 standards and this would be company depend on international standards.